Available Inventory (updated 12/7/18)

I’ve decided for some of my stock builds I’m going back to basics… my custom rods over the years have become more and more detailed but I still love a simple, well made, and well appointed fly rod.  Frankly, I miss building these types of rods as I sometimes get lost in the minutiae.  Looking back through old photos, this looks a lot like the rods I was making when I started on this glass journey 10 years ago.

McFarland 7′ 3wt.

Crisp little 3wt on a McFarland rolled blank (tip over butt ferrule)… Features a shop-made dual band seat over a semi-gloss finished curly maple spacer.  The bronze hardware will patina nicely with use and deepen to a golden-brown finish over time.  I love the look of naturally “earned” patina.  The wraps are chestnut at the grip and ferrules (doubled) and very pale yellow-gone clear at the guides.  The stripper is a NOS 9mm Mildrum.  Includes shop sewn bag and labeled tube.  An “all-Pennsylvania” built rod!

$645 shipped and PP in US.


Steffen 8′ 4/5wt.

Really a great all-around trout rod for east coast and smaller western waters.  This rod features a shop-made reel seat over a claro walnut spacer with a warm satin finish.  The grip is a slim 6″ wells-style, appropriate for this size rod.  Wraps are a combination of dark brown silk at the grip and ferrules and classic chesnut (Pearsalls) at the wraps.  The rod is scripted in silver ink and includes a shop-made rod bag w/ labeled tube.



Ijuin Yomogi 6’06” 3wt.

This little Yomogi is the perfect med-slow action small stream glass rod.  Imagine all the trouble you could get into exploring tucked away waters with this gem.  This rod features an impressive curly wood seat with simple, blued C&R hardware (made in-house), a 5.5″ cigar grip, vintage Mildrum stripping guide, Snake Brand guides and TT, and pale yellow wraps (gone clear) with dark green at the ferrules.  Tube is as shown w/ a silver collar, Leiderman Rods badging, and rod ID tag on the cap.




Epic 476 Salsa

This Salsa Epic 476 features a reddish burl seat (i honestly have no idea the species… one of the many pieces of wood I’ve had stashed for awhile) w/ simple, blued C&R hardware (made in house), 6″ slim wells grip, small mildrum stripper, Snake Brand guides, and wrapped clear w/ rust at the ferrules.  Tube (friction cap) and sock are both Epic supplied.

$645 shipped and PP in US


Epic 370 Olive (SOLD)

This Olive Epic 370 is a very cool little rod.  Quick but forgiving.. this is a new model from Swift-Epic and is a nice improvement from the 376 IMHO.  At 7′ this one feels right.  It features a stained tiger maple seat w/ simple, blued C&R hardware (made in house), 5.5″ slim rev-half wells grip, small mildrum stripper, Snake Brand guides, and wrapped in vintage Belding-Corticelli “Granger Green” silk… a perfect match.  Tube (screw cap) and sock are both Epic supplied.

$645 shipped and PP in US  **SOLD**



Epic 580 Amber (SOLD)

This Amber Epic features a zebrawood seat w/ simple, blued C&R hardware (made in-house), 6″ wells grip, vintage Mildrum 9mm stripper, Snake Brand guides, and a silver tube featuring my logo and cap label.

A classy yet modern rod that’s not afraid to get dirty and will cast like a dream. Oh, the color by FAR my favorite.  Has to be seen in person to be appreciated.

$645 shipped and PP in US **SOLD**


Glass Dubbing Needles


These needles are crafted from the butt section cutoffs from previously built glass rods.  The needles feature custom-machined brass hardware with touches that compliment my fly rod build hardware (knurling, 3D bullseye end cap).  Like my fly rods, each is unique and built start to finish individually so each piece fits flawlessly together.

Epic Olive – $75

Kabuto Yellow – SOLD

T&T Lotic Blue – $75

incl. shipping in US; International will ship USPS at buyer expense

Immediately Available Blanks for Custom Builds

  • Steffen 8’6″ 5/6 3pc.
  • Steffen 8′ 3/4 3pc.
  • Steffen 8′ 4/5 3pc.
  • McFarland 8′ 5wt. 3pc. (yellow)
  • McFarland 7’6″ 4wt. 3pc. (yellow)
  • McFarland 7′ 3wt. 3pc. (yellow)
  • Ijuin Yomogi (green) 6’6″ 3wt. 3pc.
  • Epic 590 Carbon Fiber w/ Katana (carbon) tube and Epic sock
  • Epic 370 Olive w/ Epic Glass tube and sock
  • Epic 476 Salsa w/ Epic Glass tube and sock
  • Epic 580 Amber (new color)
  • JK Fisher 7’6″ 4/5 NOS vintage blank
  • Phillipson 7′ 5wt. 3M NOS vintage blank