Over years of building custom glass rods, I have accumulated MANY butt section cutoffs from blanks.  Thankfully I have always thrown them in a drawer knowing one day I’d have an idea of something to do with them.  The result are these custom fly tying/dubbing needles and whip finishers.  Each is a one off w/ individually turned and fit brass hardware, signature, and varnish overcoat.  Packaged in an adorable (my wife’s words…) pillow box and including 2 extra needles.  Needles are easily swapped w/ some heat at the tip of the brass to soften the epoxy.  These are heavy and feel great in hand.  100% unnecessary but 100% cool and something to enhance your fly tying enjoyment!

ADDED FOR 2019 – I recently starting making, at customer requests, a dubbing brush w/ an interchangeable head for different brush attachments.  The brush is $65 and includes 2 brush heads (a course nylon and a fine bronze).  I will build up a few for inventory but can accommodate specific requests if you have one.

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 10.15.59 PM

Currently Available


Epic Amber $55


Kabuto White $55


Epic Natural Needle $55, Whip Finisher $65, Matched Set $110


Lamiglas Yellow Needle SOLD, Whip Finsher $65


Kabuto White Needle $55, Whip Finisher $65, Matched Set $110


McFarland Matched Set Only $110


Steffen SOLD


Kabuto White Needle $55, Whip Finisher $65, Matched Set $110