This Steffen 8′ 3/4 is about as fine a trout rod as you can find.  Well known as one of Mark’s most special tapers, this rod is light, crisp, and delicate in the perfect dry-fly kind of way.  Finished in a full regalia of custom touches, this 8’er features a crosscut cocobollo seat insert w/ fully shop turned, detailed, and blued fittings.  The brass accent piece in the butt cap is a favorite hidden detail of mine.  Wraps are dark brown w/ preserved mint green/blue at the ferrules and grip.  A color matched green agate is used to set off the motif.  Ferrule rings and a trimmed tip top finish off the build.  It is protected by a shop sewn twill rod bag and distinctive brass-capped aluminum tube emblazoned w/ an engraved ID badge.

$745 shipped and PayPal