Recently finished up this nice, simple, and very fishy build of a Livingston Rod Co. graphite blanks. These blanks were rolled by CTS in New Zealand w/ the specs provided by Dusty at LRC. The blank is very light weight, as is the case w/ every CTS blank I’ve handled. While I regrettably am not too up to date on modern graphite rods, this action falls more in the realm of the more classic graphite I enjoy. Compared to my 20 year old T&T Paradigm of the same length and weight, it’s in the ballpark… a bit quicker and bit lighter… but I’d definitely categorized as a mid-flex graphite. A nice relaxed taper… The blank is a subtle coppery metallic color but the graphite is visible beneath the finish in the sun. The rod has all silver fitting, a maple burl seat, and rusty red wraps tipped black. The slim grip falls in at 6.6″. The rod includes a brass capped tube and bag as well.

$495usd … contact to purchase