I wasn’t convinced this configuration would result in a well rounded rod but boy was I WRONG!  Doing some lawn casting, the rod is full flexing but man will it will carry a 3wt. line… from close in delicate presentations to pushing some line and making longer casts, this rod exceeded all expectations.  I may have to order up a blanks from Dusty at Livingston to have one of these for myself.  Best of all, its full flexing nature will protect the finest tippets and give lots of joy fighting fish all day long.  This specific rod features a 6.5″ slim wells grip and a downlocking “euro style” seat w/ a madrone burl spacer.  Brass accents add a nice custom touch.  The rod is wrapped in dark blue (it appears black… not going to lie) w/ grey and antique gold/orangish color preserved tips to tie in the reel seat and agate.  Oh yeah, the agate is stunning as well.  A classic stripped amber stone.  Rod will ship in a shop made rod bag and brass capped aluminum tube w/ engraved label.

$675 shipped/PP in US.