I’ve been sitting on a pair of these blanks for awhile and this is the first I’ve put together.  This is a vintage Fibatube blank from Alnwick, England… to the best of my knowledge, these blanks were made by Hardy but are independent to their Fibalite line of rods.  I have found examples of Hardy build rods w/ this logo and non-Hardy built rods as well.  Regardless, they are a very high quality blank… deep, deep brown that does become translucent under intense light.  They appear nearly black in low light.  This is finished with a Lemke downlocking seat w/ a black walnut spacer.  The grip is 6″ in a slim full wells style.  Wraps are dark blue nylon w/ color preserved grey tipping.  The action is quite quick and… well… Fisher/Hardy like.  More similar to my Hardy build JET 7’6″ 5wt. than the recent Fisher 7’6″ 4/5 I built up.  Would make a stellar warmwater rod as it has some backbone for bigger flies and weed covered fish.  The rod will ship in a shop sewn khaki bag and black codura zip-top tube.  Not a rod you get to see everyday but you will see one more at some point in the future as one identical blank still remains.