Epic 580 Amber

Such a wonderful, rich color.  Very classic and classy.  This rod is finished with a 6″ half wells grip in a slim taper that I like very much.  The seat is a mildly curly walnut that has a special meaning to me.  I vividly remember this walnut tree being cut down and milled at my grandparents house when I was about 6 years old.  A crotch slice from the tree hung on my grandfather’s wood shop wall for years.  When he passed, I procured all of his lumber stock and turned the crotch into a side table for our cabin.  This seat wood is an off-cut from that crotch.  It’s a nice remembrance I had of a man that played an instrumental role in my pursuit of learning to build bamboo rods and any other hair-brained idea I’d have at the time.  The wraps are clear w/ some subtle flair at the grip and ferrules.  These new Epics are pretty wonderful rods and the 580 in a no-nonsense trout rod.  Includes Epic glass tube and bag.

$645 SALE $550