The Morgan Lt. 3 rods were developed by Tom Morgan as a nod to the light, slow, and soft fiberglass rods that are popular on the streams of Japan. These rod actions fall well into the Winston lineup. I have an original Stalker 6’6″ 3wt. that is a bit quicker but you could easily declare these rods would be cousins. As we know, not all lines are created equal and the Lt. 3 designation works best w/ a line such as a 406 or sylk 3wt. This is not the rod for a high performance fly line but rather one specifically targeted to more traditional fly rods and fly casting. While this rod is full flexing, it is capable and would be an absolute riot on a small brookie stream or farm pond catching panfish.

This particular rod was built on a blank rolled by Kerry Burkheimer (who no longer rolls Morgan glass) as a modern homage to the classic Winston stalkers of the 70s and 80s. The hardware is all nickel silver w/ the butt cap being comprised of an outer patinated nickel silver cap with a polished center mimicking the traditional black plastic/tiny screw butt cap found on most Stalker rods. The slide ring is in the Winston style but scaled down in size to accomodate the smaller rod. The winding check is also patinated nickel silver and machined in the wide, flat style of many classic Winston rods. Wraps are maroon and tipped in a color preserved white silk. Agate is a traditional red. Includes bag and tube as shown.

$825 usd … contact to purchase